With the RV through Canada

How’s the parking pass for the National Parks in Canada?

The National Park Pass you get in each Visitor Center, or simply at the entrance of your first national parks (at a small ranger station). There you can pay cash or by credit card.

The daily rate is currently at about 10CAD. The annual pass is a little less than 70CAD per person. A family or group paid a little less than 140CAD. If you have previously unsure of how long you are in the national parks, you can go, this is not a problem. You can also collect the day passes, leaving after 7 days change to an annual pass.

With us there is a net worth pass. This is, incidentally, valid for one year. It must be signed on the back and be hung on the windshield. The passports are checked from time to time and are not transferable.

Reserve campsites in advance?

A very common question for which there is no general answer. We have prebooked in Canada a single Campground (CG). Since it was off-season, it was usually never a problem. Besides a Saturday, but we had an alternative. For our second trip we have the CG prebooked before Vancouver in Porteau Cove Provincial Park and we would do it again and again, because that is quite popular.

Otherwise, we will reserve in the future only the total popular places in advance. For us it is more important to be flexible. In high season, the looks the same bit different. Here I would reserve in any case the popular places and nights on Fridays and Saturdays in advance. Especially the nights on public holidays. Note the reservation fee of about 6 CAD daily.